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I first came across Eating Out when their video for the first time back in August when they released a video for their track “Burn”. This grungy jam is set behind a heavily 90’s influenced town of skaters in back alleys, bong blitzin’ punk ladies in an old van, teens drinking on top of billboards, and all finally meeting up at a house show with kids from every clichéd 90’s movie scene to party like it’s 1995.

Eating out is led by Daniel Pitout (Nu sensae- drums) on vocals/lead guitar, with Brody Mcknight (Nu sensae- guitar), Mish Way (White Lung vox) on bass, and Geoff Dembicki (Peace) on drums. This Vancouver ensemble of punks (and a post-punk) got together in 2010, and released a cass on Burger in 2011 that got reissued at the end of this summer around the time their vid dropped. 
Even though this is a “side project” or whatever of some pretty notable bands, Eating out definitely brings something new to the table. They show off their versatility with grunge pop tunes like Burn and Come Around, and faster, harder, more punk-style jams like Myzka and Grandpa . I particularly like the track Fuck Punk Kult, which starts out fast and heavy, but slows down with an interestingly plucked chord progression towards the end which feels very noise-rock influenced or something. That’s My Man is an endearingly sweet and slow tune with some swell “oohs” about getting over a boy that you can’t get out of your head. 
It’s only 7 tracks, but overall a great cass, and I’m excited to hear what these guys will put out next. I’m glad I picked up this thing while it was still in stock. 


You can look for this from Burger, or check out their BandCamp for some of the tracks.

Review by: Scott Kat

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